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Follow All My Social Media in One Place, Rebel Mouse


Rebel Mouse collects all of your social sites and displays them on a single page, allowing your followers to see what you are up to on multiple social sites.

I have connected my Twitter, Facebook and Instagram sites. My Tumblr site comes through via my Facebook feed. I’m not sure Rebel Mouse will catch on with my followers. I use Twitter to share my professional life - what I’m reading, thinking or doing. Facebook and Instagram are much more personal social spaces for me. I share some professional thoughts on these sites but you are more likely to see photographs of my kids or posts about issues I care about.

I guess my concern about Rebel Mouse is that I have different audiences. I’m not sure someone who wants to know what I think of a new app also wants to see a great photo of my kids on the beach.

Rebel Mouse has an average mobile user experience. The design is one column HTML, not a native app. The web version is much more visual and gives users the chance to really discover deep content.


Rebel Mouse is a great way for potential employers to see all your social activity in one spot. The downside, of course, is that they can see all your social media in one spot. Be mindful of your personal posts when connecting Facebook to Rebel Mouse.

My rule of thumb for personal posts - if its good enough for your grandma, its good enough for Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Poynter, Tech Crunch, Mashable and others have jumped on the Rebel Mouse social band wagon. Time will tell if catches fire with our followers.


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