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Joplin Disaster Reported on Twitter, Organized on Storify

A few days ago Diversity Institute Visiting Scholar, Charles Pulliam came to my office and said, “I’m going to Joplin to cover the disaster.”

Initiative has never been a problem for Pulliam, an alum of several Freedom Forum Diversity Institute programs including the Chips Quinn Scholars (2008) and the American Indian Journalism Institute.

Pulliam left Nashville, headed for Joplin, MO armed with his Canon 40D digital camera, a Canon HV40 video camera and his iPhone 4. His only plan was to arrive in Joplin and begin documenting the devastation.

As luck and the Chips Quinn network would have it Pulliam met up with Chips alum Justin Hayworth (2000) who was covering the disaster for the Des Moines Register where he works as a photojournalist. The two Chipsters worked the scene together, Hayworth shooting photos and video for the Des Moines Register and Pulliam tweeting, posting photos and videos made on his iPhone.

Pulliam (@cspulliam on Twitter) gathered amazing moments with his iPhone and then edited and posted them on Twitter and Facebook. He captured moments like a reunion of a dog and its owner at the Humane Society in Joplin and a timelapse (using iTimelapse app) of storm clouds rolling into Joplin.

Pulliam then gathered all of his social media posts and organized the story on Storify

Storify allows users to collect social media and curate it to tell a story. Users can pull media from Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Audio Boo, RSS feeds and YouTube. Storify is free to use.

Here is Pulliam’s story, organized and curated…click the link to see the active timeline.

[View the story "My time in Joplin" on Storify]


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