Summer 2010

2010 Headlines:
• Attempted Car Bombing Fails in New York City’s Times Square; Suspect Arrested While Fleeing U.S. (May 1, 2010)
• IMF, Eurozone Agree to $146 Billion Greek Rescue Plan; Greece Promises Austerity to Slash Deficit (May 2, 2010)
• Obama Nominates Solicitor General Kagan to Supreme Court; Nominee Would Be U.S.’s Fourth Female Justice (May [...]

The Making of a Sports Reporter

by Wesley Robinson
Why you follow your dreams:
Not everyone gets to be what they want to be when they grow up. If that were true, the world would have a surplus of snobby, yuppie, bougie, uppity folks and a shortage of regular Joe-the- plumber types. Hence my belief that one should never let a dream die. [...]

Crossing a Bridge

by Kimberly Chua

It’s fascinating that you can grow up in a big city and still remain sheltered from what lies beyond those borders. That’s what I realized within the first week of interning just 25 miles away from my hometown of San Francisco.

My internship was with the Contra Costa Times, where I covered the paper’s [...]

‘Hitting the ground running’

by Taryn Luna, CQS ‘10

I didn’t understand the concept of hitting the ground running until this summer. On the fourth day of my internship at The Dallas Morning News, I came into the newsroom before 8 a.m. and was sent to a press conference at the Lancaster Police Department. One night earlier, in what would [...]

Looking back….(due before your internship ends)

My dear Scholars,
This will be our final blog post (though my e-mails to you will continue for several more weeks) and it’s a really important one, so please make the time to answer.
What do you know now that you wish you’d known going into your CQS internship (or your current job)?
Many thanks,
Coach Col

Showing, not telling…(due Aug. 2)

Hey Friends,
Please share part of a story you’ve written or read that illustrates the idea of showing the reader information, not telling him/her.
Here’s my example from a story I wrote long ago for The Providence Journal (as near as I can remember it). The lead, something like:
“The town councilman and the aging widow had [...]

Getting the lead out…(due July 18)

Heyyy Chipsters!
Let’s talk a bit about the mechanics of writing, starting with that all-important lede. Please share one of your favorite leads, and tell us why you like it.
(Photogs and copy editors, please share a lead you’ve read that you like and tell us why.)
Extra points for telling us why journalists sometimes refer to [...]

Oops! (due Sunday, July 11)

Hello Scholars!
Who has had to run a correction on a story, photo caption or copyediting error (or has had to talk to his or her editor about whether to run a correction)?
Please share your experience – how it happened, how you handled it, what you learned from it.  And any other advice you might have [...]

Pitching Story Ideas (due July 4)

Hey Folks,
Sorry to keep harping on story ideas, but the ability to come up with, refine and pitch story ideas is one of the most important skills we have as journalists.
So let’s talk about pitching an idea to your editor:
– How do you decide what to say in your pitch (What you’re going to tell [...]

Refining Story Ideas (due June 27)

Hello Dear Scholars!
So now your eyes and ears and taste buds and mind are on full alert in your new communities as you try to rustle up story ideas. And you’re noticing/hearing new and wondrous things each day.
But how do you take an observation or other information and turn it into a story idea that [...]

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