News/Train Nashville, something old, something new

by Colleen Fitzpatrick, CQS career coach

As digital publication and social media continue to create opportunities and challenges for newsrooms, some things never change: the principles of news-gathering and storytelling that are grounded in fairness, accuracy and credibility.

That was one message from last week’s Associated Press Managing Editors’ (APME’s) NewsTrain/Nashville conference in Tennessee. About 100 journalists [...]

Summer 2010 Chips Quinn Scholars: Videos Stories From Nashville

Lunch For The Ladies

Guitars Rescued At Soundcheck in Nashville

Presenting the 2010 Summer Class of Chips Quinn Scholars, Part II

The Summer 2010 class numbers 26, with Scholars headed to 22 news organizations nationwide. Last week we profiled half the class, and this week we introduce the rest. Among the 13 Scholars presented here, many say that what draws them to journalism is their love of people and their stories.

Danielle Cintron
Hometown: LaPlace, La.
College: Louisiana Tech [...]

Dogs, Owners And The Park

Golden Golfer


Humane Walk

Athens Of The South

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