The editor and the coach

by Sally Farhat Kassab
It was an honor to be part of the Chips Quinn Scholars program in 1999. I remember pinching myself when I learned that someone was going to train and mold me to become the best journalist I could be. I was a recent college graduate and had worked at the campus newspaper [...]

Fall 1999

1999 Headlines:
• John F. Kennedy Jr. Dies in Plane Crash (July 16, 1999)
• Major Earthquake Kills 15,000 in Turkey (August 17, 1999)
A 1999 alum has two lasting memories of her CQS internship. Read about them here.

1. Charles Anthony III, Xavier University, Brentwood (Calif.) News
2. Jason Begay, University of New Mexico, The Oakland (Calif.) Tribune
3. [...]

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