Wishes — due July 20

Hey Scholars,
Here’s what I’d like us to share this week:
1)  How is your internship and what you’re learning and observing at your papers changing your thoughts about daily journalism?
2) What’s something you wish you had known going into your internship?
Thanks — and carry on — Coach Col

The juggle struggle — due Mon. July 13

Hey Scholars,
Can we help out a Chipster in our group, who is being handed assignments from several different editors at once and is feeling overwhelmed?
The Scholar writes: “My direct editor gives me stories to work on, which is fine, but then assignments come from the weekend editor, which require some prep time, and then [...]

Ledes — due Mon., June 29

Hiya Scholars!
How about sharing a lead you wrote — with an explanation of why you’re sharing it. It could be a lead you liked a lot, a lead you were unhappy with, a lead that became better with the help of another reporter or editor, etc. Tell us a bit about what went into writing [...]

Fleshing out story ideas — due June 22

Hey Scholars,
Our question this week comes from Emma: Once you’ve got a glimmer of a story idea, how do you efficiently flesh it out to where it becomes a solid, working story line that you can pitch to your editor?
In your response, you may describe how you did it using a specific story [...]

Story ideas — due Mon. June 15

Hey Scholars: For our first post, let’s talk about how to generate story ideas when you’re brandy-new to a community. How, and where, are you finding your story ideas? What tips re: story ideas do you have for the rest of us? Thanks, Coach Col.

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