Ideas Redux (due March 24)

Hello Lisa, Kiah, Diane, Kristy and Nicole!
Please share an experience you’ve had with pitching a story idea to your editor.
Include the following: How did you get the idea? How did you pitch it (via e-mail, conversation, a combination, etc.)?  What was the upshot (thumbs up or down or a mix)? What did you learn from [...]

Organizing Stories (due March 14)

Hello Kiah, Nicole, Lisa, Diane and Kristy,
We’ve had a request this week for help with story organization.
Please share your technique(s) for organizing your reported material into a story. How do you organize a story being written on a tight deadline?  How about a longer enterprise piece? And when do you start organizing your story — [...]

Juggling (due March 7)

Hello Scholars!
Who among us has to deal with assignments from more than one editor? And has anyone noticed that sometimes these editors aren’t aware of all the assignments on your plate at a given time? How do you handle the juggling game?
And/or…..If you’re fortunate to have only one editor, how [...]

Getting into the Idea Groove (due Feb. 21)

Hi Scholars,
Great posts, everyone!
For this week’s post, let’s combine Diane’s and one of Kristy’s questions into the following: How do you come up with or get at original story ideas in a new city? How can the process of “settling in” to a new place work in your favor in [...]

What’s on Your Mind — due Feb. 14

Hello Scholars!
I hope you made it safely to your internship sites/papers.
For our first blog: Two questions from each of you, please, that have occurred to you since Nashville. Now that you’ve returned to or are starting your jobs, what are two things about doing the work of a journalist that [...]

Coach Colleen: Spring 2010 Summary Topics

Internet Sourcing (due March 28)
Ideas Redux (due March 24)
Organizing Stories (due March 14)
Juggling (due March 7)
Panic on deadline! (due Feb. 28)
Getting into the Idea Groove (due Feb. 21)
What’s on Your Mind (due Feb. 14)

Coach Colleen: Summer 2009 Summary Topics

Advice (due Aug. 10)
Organizing a Story (due Aug. 3)
Pitching ideas (due July 27)
Wishes (due July 20)
The Juggle Struggle (due July 13)
Ledes (due June 29)
Fleshing Out Story Ideas (due June 22)
Story Ideas
(due June 15)

Advice — due Mon. Aug. 10

Hey Scholars,
You get your choice this week: What’s your best single piece of internship-related advice for the next class of Chipsters?
Or — what’s one thing you would have done differently if you could start your internship again and why?

Organizing a story — due Aug. 3

Hey Scholars,
This is our penultimate blog post so be sure to answer it (and please go back and contribute to any posts you haven’t answered yet this summer).
Please share some tips for how you stay organized while reporting a longer enterprise piece — one that perhaps has to be fit in among other assignments.
And, [...]

Pitching ideas — due July 27

Hey Scholars,
Please share an experience you had pitching a story idea to your editor this summer. Did you get the green light? Get shot down? Something in between?
And please tell us if, in retrospect, you would have done anything differently.
For our page designer please tell us about a risk you wanted to take and [...]

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