Becoming a Twitter magnet

Dear Help Desk,
I’d like to grow my Twitter follower numbers to have better reach when I need it for crowdsourcing and other queries, and I wonder whether keeping my feed straightforward is the best way to do that. Does a more informal Twitter voice appeal to followers enough to make up for any small offenses [...]

A Holiday Message from John C. Quinn

Chipsters embrace new challenges

Moving on:
Manny Lopez (Summer 1994) is managing editor of Michigan Capitol Confidential, the newspaper of the Mackinac Center for Public Policy. He writes, “The Mackinac Center is a think tank based in Midland, Mich., and they’ve had this publication running for about two years but have not had a journalist running the show. I’ll [...]

A Holiday Message From John C. Quinn

Chipsters take on new jobs, win awards and reach out to the community

Sonia Dasgupta (Summer 2007) has been promoted to associate regional editor with for Maryland. Previously she was editor for University Park, Md.
Moving on:
Chi-Chi Zhang (Summer 2003) is associate producer for CNN in Beijing. Previously she was a reporter for The Associated Press in Beijing for nearly four years.
Chhun Sun (Summer 2005) is a sports [...]

Q&A with Charles A. Ericksen, founder of Hispanic Link News Service

by Alejandra Matos
Charles (Charlie) Ericksen is not your typical Hispanic. In fact, by blood, he isn’t Hispanic at all. Yet his love and dedication for the Hispanic community run deep within him. While in his 20s, he married a Mexican woman, Sebastiana Mendoza, after meeting her in Oaxaca. They moved to East Los Angeles with [...]

The kiss of a lifetime

By Darryl Smith, CQS ‘08

I woke up later that morning than I intended. Quickly getting ready, I was downstairs and out the door in less than 30 minutes.
I was on my way to a hotel near the Nashville, Tenn., airport, assigned to cover a family conference being held on Cockayne syndrome (CS). I’d never [...]

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