Spring 2009

2009 Headlines:
• 111th Congress Opens; Senate Democrats to Accept Illinois Appointee (January 6, 2009)
• Obama Takes Oath of Office as 44th President…First Black President Succeeds Bush (January 20, 2009)
• Iraqi Provincial Elections Bring Wins for Maliki Allies; Voting Largely Free of Violence (January 31, 2009)
An alum credits his CQS multimedia training in 2009 [...]

Constancy amid change

by Lanz Christian Bañes
I bought my first smartphone one week before I started my Chips Quinn Scholar experience in 2009 — and I’ve never regretted either.
I was naive back then, using my new phone to mess around with Facebook and play online chess, never realizing the potential journalism tool I had in my hand. But [...]

Summer 2009

2009 Headlines:
• Justice Souter Announces Retirement From U.S. Supreme Court; Obama to Nominate His First Court Justice (May 1, 2009)
• Obama Nominates New York Appeals Court Judge Sotomayor to Fill U.S. Supreme Court Opening; Nominee Would be First Hispanic Justice (May 26, 2009)
• Air France Flight Crashes in Atlantic Ocean (May 31-June 1)
A [...]

Elated, crushed, hopeful

by Emma Carew
The day I got the call saying I was accepted into the Chips Quinn program, I remember feeling elated, then crushed, then hopeful. I was elated because I had heard so many wonderful things about CQS from my mentors and friends who were alumni of the program. Crushed came when CQS Career Coach [...]

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