Spring 2002

2002 Headlines:
• Tensions Between India and Pakistan Remain High; Military Buildup Along Border Follows Attack on Indian Parliament (January 2002)
• Winter Olympics Held in Salt Lake City, Utah (February 8-24, 2002)
The CQS program is about two things for this 2002 alum: the First Amendment and being a member of the “newspaper industry super [...]

Fellow Chipsters and the five freedoms

by Julie Hubbard
My experience in three newsrooms in my career as a Chips Quinn Scholar has had two common threads: I’ve been surrounded by other CQS alums and I’ve covered First Amendment issues.
A Chips Quinn summer internship in 2002 at the Muskogee (Okla.) Daily Phoenix & Times-Democrat took me back home to Oklahoma and landed [...]

Summer 2002

2002 Headlines:
• Indian Prime Minister Rallies Troops in Kashmir Amid Mounting Hostilities with Pakistan (May 22, 2002)
• U.S. President Bush, Russian President Putin Sign Nuclear Arms Reduction Pact (May 24, 2002)
A Chips Quinn alum from the 2002 class learned the basics of journalism in college. Read what she learned in the CQS program.

1. [...]

Learning to care about people

by Markeshia Ricks
Q: Describe a lasting memory of your internship experience at your CQS paper.
A: My most lasting memory was how much I came to care about the community I was covering. In 2002 CQS sent me to Tuscaloosa, Ala., a city I had never heard much about because it is often eclipsed by Birmingham, [...]

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