Spring 2013 Chips Quinn Photo Gallery

2013 Spring Class

♦ Mon., Jan. 14 (Day 1)
♦ Tues., Jan. 15 (Day 2)
♦ Wed., Jan. 16 (Day 3)
♦ Sun., Jan. 20 (Day 7)

Five things I learned at the Victoria (Texas) Advocate

by Josh Morgan
Different State, Different “Normal”
Texas is very different from Arizona, where I attend school. I learned this quickly while working as a multimedia intern for the Victoria (Texas) Advocate. One early assignment was to cover a rededication of a statue that honored a Confederate soldier. Talk about culture shock. Men were dressed as [...]

An internship in photos

I was grateful to have been assigned to cover my first music festival, Bonnaroo, in Manchester, Tenn., in June. I photographed some iconic figures and created a series on dreadlocks. I learned the importance of simplicity, unconventional brainstorming and being on time. This photograph of Ludacris wouldn’t have been possible if I hadn’t arrived 45 [...]

Photo Gallery: UNITY 2012

Scenes from NABJ

Check out photos of some of the Chipsters and friends who attended the 2012 convention of the National Association of Black Journalists in New Orleans June 20-24.

The Freedom Forum Diversity Institute’s career-fair booth at the National Association of Black Journalists 2012 convention in New Orleans June 21-24.

Chips Quinn Scholars Program Director Karen Catone with Merv [...]

Orientation and Multimedia Training Photos (Summer 2012)

(Photos by Tiffany Williams, Summer 2010)

No country for city boys

by An Rong Xu
Growing up in New York City, I had never experienced life outside of the metropolis. When given the opportunity to participate in a photojournalism internship in Rochester, N.Y. in 2011, I saw it as my chance to experience life elsewhere and see America.
My initial response to Rochester was one of intrigue as [...]

Celebrating 20 Years of Chips Quinn Scholars

Happy 20th birthday to the Chips Quinn Scholars program! We’re celebrating this milestone year by publishing special contributions from each class of Scholars throughout 2011. We invite Chipsters everywhere to share their thoughts on what the program has meant to them. E-mail Michelle Hedenskoog for guidelines.
John Quinn, co-founder of the Chips Quinn Scholars [...]

Lessons in disaster

by Augusta Liddic
I left Springfield, Mo., on May 22, 2011, to return to Texas after completing my internship at the Springfield News-Leader. The weather seemed odd as I drove through Joplin.

I learned the next day that an EF-5 tornado struck the city only hours after I had passed through. That same day, I received a [...]

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