Embracing change

by Guerrero Garcia

I left the dry Southwest border city of El Paso, Texas, where I’d lived all my 25 years, to spend 84 days—or 2,016 hours—in New Haven, Conn., to put into practice my journalism knowledge and expand it by learning from new minds and exploring an unfamiliar city.
Once in New Haven, I strapped on [...]

Diving into the unfamiliar

by Serena Valdez

If I’ve learned one thing since becoming a Chips Quinn Scholar it is that you must be able to adapt to change, and quickly. Having been born and raised in Tucson, Ariz., I didn’t realize the advantages I had over my out-of-state classmates while at the University of Arizona and during internships. I [...]

Achieving a ‘data state of mind’

by Emma Carew Grovum

Everywhere you go, people are talking about data, whether it’s data and privacy as it relates to the National Security Association and surveillance, or data and journalism as it relates to the latest, greatest news application put out by The New York Times or the Washington Post. Maybe you’ve seen the cool [...]

Freaking out about leaving Azerbaijan

by Chhun Sun
Sitting in a comfy hotel room with four other Peace Corps Azerbaijan volunteers on a Saturday night, I suddenly sensed that everyone became silent. No lips were moving. Every head was glued to a digital device. With my earphones on, I was watching a YouTube video on a friend’s iPad. I paused the [...]

Q&A: Jose San Mateo (CQS 2008)

by Marie Estrada
Jose San Mateo (CQS 2008) unintentionally started his freelance video game career when he followed his interests and took an online class on video game journalism through The Writing Salon, a Berkeley, Calif.-based school of writing. He and two classmates then created IndieHaven.com, which launched in March 2013 and highlights “quality games that [...]

Chipsters accept new assignments

Kristen Go (Summers 1996 and 1997) has been promoted to assistant managing editor at the San Francisco Chronicle. She writes, “I will oversee our efforts to launch an incubator to give our journalists tools to do a better job of storytelling online and in print. I will work with every single section to help improve [...]

A summer in iPhone photos

by James Tensuan

Last summer I resurrected my Instagram account as I embarked on a 5,298-mile round-trip journey from Mountain View, Calif., to my CQS internship at The Courier-Journal in Louisville, Ky. It was my first time traveling outside of California for more than two weeks and living in another state.

Downtown Louisville provided me with a [...]

Determined to succeed

by Amer Taleb

By the end of my CNN internship, I had written, edited and produced segments for anchor Don Lemon. But when I first walked into the media outlet’s world headquarters in Atlanta last summer, I didn’t have a minute of TV production experience under my belt.
Acquiring the skills I needed to succeed was among [...]

Farmers market reopens despite the cold weather

by Shako Liu
NASHVILLE, Tenn.__Vendors returned to the Nashville Farmers’ Market on Jan. 8 after a two-day closure caused by unusual bone-chilling weather. Many merchants, especially florists, were still absent during the days following the closure and the stretch of 36-degree days and 25-degree nights, temperatures that were well below the average high of 46 [...]

Record low temperatures hamper sales at the Nashville Farmers’ Market

by Colleen Wright
Charles Jackson wheeled buckets of chilled turnip greens from Howell Farms’ cooler into the farm’s shed at the Nashville Farmers’ Market in early January.
Howell Farms was back in business following a two-day hiatus after temperatures dropped to a 20-year record low average of 12 degrees on Jan. 6, a reading too chilly [...]

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