Happy Birthday, Chips

Chips Quinn would have celebrated his 59th birthday on July 20, 2014.
John C. Quinn thought his son’s birthday would be an appropriate occasion to reprint a copy of the final memo Chips wrote to his staff while editor of the Poughkeepsie (N.Y.) Journal — and to remind Chips Quinn Scholars everywhere that his spirit [...]

Stepping in a new direction: Vanderbilt’s energy conversion expected to leave a smaller footprint

by Nolan D. McCaskill

NASHVILLE, Tenn.—Roger Bess is considering retirement after working for nearly 45 years at Vanderbilt University. But before he says goodbye, he has one burning desire to finish what he started.
Bess wants to oversee the completion of the university’s conversion from burning coal to natural gas.
“I’m pushing 68; I should have retired at [...]

Appreciation by James C. Duff

We are deeply saddened to inform you that John Seigenthaler, our dear colleague and founder of our First Amendment Center, passed away today, resting peacefully at home with his family by his side.
John Seigenthaler was a gift to our country. His pledge of allegiance to the Republic was not routine recitation nor passive expression of [...]

In Memoriam: John L. Seigenthaler

by Colleen Fitzpatrick

The Chips Quinn Scholars program lost an abiding friend when John Seigenthaler died on July 11 at age 86.
Seigenthaler, a former newspaper editor, special assistant to Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy during the freedom rides of 1961 and the founder of the Freedom Forum’s First Amendment Center in Nashville, Tenn., was a familiar [...]

An entrepreneur helps Nashville hikers connect online

by Andrea Beasley

Kelly Stewart joined Meetup.com, a social app and website that allows people to “self-organize” into groups based on interests and hobbies, as a way to get over his divorce in 2007.
The Tennessee native, who joined and now leads the Nashville hiking “meet-up” group, has since learned how to turn the largest network of [...]

Gone hiking: Music City residents use the Internet for outdoor activity

by Valerie Smith

More than 6,000 people in Nashville, Tenn., are connecting with each other in the outdoors through a non-nature facilitator – a website focused on bringing people together who have similar interests.
Meetup.com is a social media app and website aimed at individuals who are seeking to meet others with the hope of building camaraderie, [...]

2014 Summer Mobile Media Storytelling

In this space, we showcase the multimedia projects created during orientation by the 17 Scholars in the Summer 2014 class. Most worked in pairs; their stories are appearing in nine installments.

Nolan D. McCaskill: Stepping in a new direction: Vanderbilt’s energy conversion expected to leave a smaller footprint
Video: https://vimeo.com/album/2896411/video/95446702

Valerie Smith: Gone hiking: Music City residents use [...]

Craft coffee: Taking a cup of joe to the next level

by Jordan Gonzalez

Tom Valentine, head roaster at Bongo Java Roasting Company in Nashville, Tennessee, never used to like coffee.
He hated the smell, taste and atmosphere of coffee shops, and he didn’t even walk into a Starbucks until he was 17.
Then Valentine started dating the coffee-loving woman who would become his wife and he had to [...]

Bongo Java aims for high-quality roasts with organic coffee beans

by Monica Herndon

Nashville, Tennessee – Tucked away in an old warehouse district is the coffee-scented home of the city’s only certified organic coffee company, Bongo Java Roasting Co. The freshly roasted beans make a popping sound, almost like popcorn, as they cool before being packed.
At a time when the demand for locally grown and made [...]

Q&A with Dave Martinez, advocate of diversity

by Adrian D. Garcia

Dave Martinez has been fostering my love of journalism and helping me to advance in the industry since my freshman orientation at the University of Colorado Boulder in 2010. Dave’s official title for CU Boulder’s journalism and mass communication program is administrative assistant, but the many students he has taken under his [...]

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