Bongo Java aims for high-quality roasts with organic coffee beans

by Monica Herndon

Nashville, Tennessee – Tucked away in an old warehouse district is the coffee-scented home of the city’s only certified organic coffee company, Bongo Java Roasting Co. The freshly roasted beans make a popping sound, almost like popcorn, as they cool before being packed.
At a time when the demand for locally grown and made [...]

Q&A with Dave Martinez, advocate of diversity

by Adrian D. Garcia

Dave Martinez has been fostering my love of journalism and helping me to advance in the industry since my freshman orientation at the University of Colorado Boulder in 2010. Dave’s official title for CU Boulder’s journalism and mass communication program is administrative assistant, but the many students he has taken under his [...]

Committed to peeling back the layers of a place

by Brittny Mejia

In a city ranked in Forbes magazine’s list of the top 10 most dangerous, I found my home and what it means to be a journalist.
Forbes’ description of Oakland, Calif., states that its “high levels of poverty and proximity to drug corridors combine to generate lots of violence.” It says that the city [...]

Focusing on the story

by James Tensuan

Anybody who knows me knows that I love a good silhouette – and that I can be hardheaded when it comes to photographs.
I like my photos as dark as my coffee. And my highlights? I like to call those mid tones. One editor had to remind me that we’re printing on toilet paper, [...]

Chipsters land promotions, new jobs

Adam Kealoha Causey (Spring 2006) is an assistant city editor at the Las Vegas Review-Journal, where he started a year ago as an enterprise and investigative reporter. He writes, “I’ll be the primary editor for our crime and courts coverage. I’ll also oversee a group of year-round interns who are University of Nevada, Las Vegas, [...]

Where in the World are our Chipsters? 2.0

This feature is meant for alums of the Chips Quinn Scholars program to periodically post updates, especially as our alum base grows and our Scholars scatter across the globe.
Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

Chipsters in South Florida meet for lunch in Fort Lauderdale. From left, Gregory Lee (Summer 1995), Marian Liu (Spring 2001) and Chloe Herring (Summer 2014). [...]

2014 Summer Orientation Photo Gallery

Presenting the Summer 2014 Class of Chips Quinn Scholars

They number 17, come from 15 colleges and universities and are assigned to 16 media sites around the country. For many of the members of the Summer 2014 class of Chips Quinn Scholars, their passion for journalism stems from an early love of reading, writing and working with cameras. Many in the class enjoy watching [...]

2014 Summer Class

♦ Mon., May 12 (Day 1)
♦ Tue., May 13 (Day 2)
♦ Wed., May 14 (Day 3)
♦ Thu., May 15 (Day 4)
♦ Fri., May 16 (Day 5)
2014 Summer Mobile Media Storytelling
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2014 Summer Orientation Photo Gallery

2014 Summer Blog (Day 5)

Please describe any impact the Chips Quinn Scholars program has had on you so far.

Nolan D. McCaskill
Most people wouldn’t find themselves starving during an all-expenses paid trip. But because of the Chips Quinn Scholars program, I’m hungrier than ever. I have a burning desire to put the tools I’ve been given to use. From developing [...]

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