Broadway’s roving attractions

by RaShone Stafford
NASHVILLE, Tenn._Amid the rich history surrounding the restaurants, bars and other tourist attractions on Broadway, one also finds a bit of history as seen through the eyes of the street performers.
Consider Will Shipley, a Nashville native known as the “MTSU Dancing Man” who has danced his way into countless films and photographs [...]

Street musicians and Elvis Presley are just another part of Music City

by Michilea Patterson
NASHVILLE, Tenn._Elvis Presley fans in the Music City celebrated the Jan. 8 birthday of the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll by visiting the popular Honky Tonk Highway, where a life-size Elvis statute provided a popular photo opportunity.
But the King’s birthday wasn’t the only reason to stroll along the highway, a several-block stretch of [...]

Bike workshop inspires Nashville youth

by Monicia Warner
NASHVILLE, Tenn.__A warm bed. A hot meal. A second home. Since its doors opened in 2009, the nonprofit Nashville Youth Opportunity Center has been providing young people with these necessities and one more – an opportunity to grow as young adults and help change their community.
The center, located on Charlotte Avenue, houses six [...]

Youth group creates its own transportation

by Jessica Alexander
NASHVILLE, Tenn.__Hundreds of bicycles are neatly crammed into a storage room in the basement of the Youth Opportunity Center, while others line the hallway. There are boys’ and girls’ bikes, big and small bikes. There are mountain bikes and bikes with training wheels.
The bicycles belong to the Oasis Bike Workshop, a free bike [...]

Christopher “Kiffer” Quinn

Christopher A. Quinn, a longtime resident of Carolina, R.I., died Thursday, Feb. 6, at his home, after a lingering illness.
Known to one and all as Kiffer, he was the son of John C. Quinn, former newspaper editor, and his late wife, Lois R. Quinn.
He was born in Rhode Island, spent his early years in Edgewood, [...]

A luthier plys her craft

by Mercy Quaye
Nashville, Tenn.__For her it wasn’t the pull of southern hospitality. It wasn’t the warm weather, the country music or the barbecue. It was the violins.
She labored for just a year, repairing, constructing and playing stringed instruments at Minnesota State College before she was recruited to work in Nashville. To the recruiters, Sarah Bystrom, [...]

Repairing violins leaves 19-year-old slightly out of tune

by Anthony Cave
Sarah Bystrom repairs violins. She fixes the hairs of bows, the regular maintenance essential to the instrument’s sound.
But Bystrom, 19, says she has lost a bit of her own rhythm since she moved from Wisconsin to Nashville, Tenn., six months ago to work at Williams Fine Violins on Music Row.
“It’s always a little [...]

Globally minded boutique brings international edge to Nashville shopping scene

by Shirin Ghaffary
NASHVILLE, Tenn.__Walk into the Pangaea clothing and jewelry store at 21st and Wedgewood avenues and you’ll be transported from the city’s Hillsboro Village neighborhood to the warm open-air markets of South America.
The boutique has been selling clothing, trinkets and jewelry from exotic locales such as Peru, Haiti, India and Mexico for 26 years [...]

A unique boutique

by Uriel Garcia
NASHVILLE, Tenn.__A three-inch figure wearing a white and silver mask and cape is among the knickknacks that stand out when you walk into Pangaea, a store in the city’s Hillsboro Village neighborhood. The knickknack, made in Peru, is a Mexican wrestler known as El Santo, an icon in Latin American pop culture.
The figurine [...]

Bookstore is thriving, owner says

by Esteban L. Hernandez
NASHVILLE, Tenn.__The books kept piling up in Larry Woods’ home, like cobwebs on antique furniture. The books were so numerous that something had to be done. Woods’ wife, Saralee, decided that some of them had to go.
But there was no reason they had to go for free. The couple found a solution [...]

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