Newspaper price hike brings mixed reviews

by Tianna Mañón

NASHVILLE, Tenn.__Supporting Nashville’s homeless community is costing residents a little more these days.
In April, the price readers pay for The Contributor, one of the highest-circulating newspapers in the nation that focuses on homeless issues, doubled, from $1 per copy to $2 per copy.
Meanwhile, the cost to the homeless and formerly homeless people who [...]

Price of street newspaper doubles

by William Camargo
The Contributor, a street newspaper based in Nashville, Tenn., doubled its price in April, from $1 to $2 per copy. Vendors of the paper, who are homeless or formerly homeless people, are receiving $1.25 for each copy they sell, up from the 75 cents they were previously earning.
Jillian Hensley, director of operations for [...]

Enhancing historic preservation through education

by Erin Hampton
NASHVILLE, Tenn._Behind the trees and down red gravel paths stands a grand home in a lush green landscape. The aura of deep-rooted identity surrounds a visitor and elicits a warm feeling of Nashville charm.
The preservation of the Travellers Rest Plantation and Museum immortalizes the history of Nashville and Middle Tennessee, but its purpose [...]

Rest assured: Historic Nashville home continues to educate travelers

by Jordan Gass-Poore’
Schoolchildren played antique games with wooden toys on the grounds, while birds scuffled in the stately magnolia tree in front of the historic Travellers Rest Plantation and Museum in Nashville, Tenn.
Stop. Stay awhile, the white, two-story house seemed to say, its green shutters and wooden doors open.
And many did stay awhile.
The nine-acre site [...]

AAJA 2014

Nashville’s food truck scene may be down the road

by Chloe Herring
It’s a gloomy spring morning in Nashville, Tenn., and Ken Hodges is parked outside a small loading dock in his truck. It’s not just any truck.
Painted red, with large yellow letters, Hodges’ truck piques the curiosity of passersby. But curiosity doesn’t pay the bills.
“People still do not know what food trucks are here,” [...]

Food trucks looking to break into Nashville scene

by Andy Mai
NASHVILLE, Tenn._After working for 22 years at a chemical plant, Ken Hodges wanted to be his own boss. He bought a white Grumman van in 2011 that had been a bread truck and, using a chassis from a 1989 Chevrolet P30, converted the van into a mobile food truck.
Today, Hodges, 57, drives the [...]

“Learning, networking and having fun” in Boston

Alumni of the Chips Quinn Scholars program who attended the National Association of Black Journalists’ (NABJ’s) annual convention in Boston July 30-Aug. 3 got to say hello to two CQS friends during the convention’s career fair.
As part of the Newseum Institute’s partnership with NABJ, Karen Catone, director of the Chips Quinn Scholars program, and Gene [...]

Where in the World are our Chipsters? 2.0

This feature is meant for alums of the Chips Quinn Scholars program to periodically post updates, especially as our alum base grows and our Scholars scatter across the globe.
Chipsters at The Seattle Times gather in the newsroom. From left: Bettina Hansen (Spring 2009), staff photographer; Zahra Farah (Summer 2013), summer reporting intern; and Katrina Barlow [...]

Wendell Smith’s hooks ’em with Southern-food traditions

by Christiana Cobb

The convenience of a fast food burrito or hamburger does not compare to the Southern-comfort home cooking and family atmosphere of Wendell Smith Restaurant. Those attributes are all the restaurant needs to withstand the generational changes in culture and food diversity.
Wendell Smith’s is a Southern-style restaurant nestled between Miel Restaurant and Bobbie’s Dairy [...]

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