The CQS program: A foothold on a successful career

by Kevin Abourezk
I entered the Chips Quinn Scholars program in 1999 as a mildly talented writer who had written just one news story. I ended my internship three months later as an even better writer who had helped to cover a riot on my Native American reservation, a devastating tornado and numerous crime events in [...]

Two for the Road (due April 19)

Hello Amaris, Augusta, Dave, Elizabeth, Jacob, Josh, Katrina, Lindsay and Melvin,
This is our final set of blog questions, and they come from Lindsay and Josh.
Lindsay writes: “When there are other media outlets at a story that you too are covering, how do you tactfully and tastefully tell the other reporters to get lost? I [...]

Class of 1992

1992 Headlines:
• Supreme Court Upholds Abortion Limits (June 29, 1992)
• Hurricane Andrew Ravages Florida, Louisiana (August 24-26, 1992)
• Bill Clinton Defeats George Bush in Presidential Race (November 3, 1992)
• U.S. Intervenes Against Somali Famine (December 9, 1992)
• Bush Pardons Iran-Contra Figures (December 24, 1992)
Lori Price singles out key moments from her CQS experience nearly [...]

Meeting Carl Rowan

by Lori Price

My entire experience as a 1992 Chips Quinn Scholar was invaluable, but there are key moments I will never forget.

They include meeting Director of Journalism Education Alice Bonner, who’d given me a well-deserved, elegantly stern talking-to on the phone a month earlier, after I missed a deadline to submit my bio and photo. [...]

Hug a Photog (due April 12)

…or at least talk to one.
Hello Jacob, Katrina, Lindsay, Augusta, Dave, Amaris, Melvin, Josh and Elizabeth,
Our blog question this week comes from Augusta, the photojournalist among us. Unless you’re particularly skilled in camera work, you’ll likely have to talk to a photographer in your newsroom to answer the first part of her two-part question. [...]

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