‘Ever thankful’ for the CQS program

by Shanel Hicks

Thinking back to my first Chips Quinn Scholar experience, I remember the instructors, the lessons and the Mr. and Mrs. Quinn niceness. Though life didn’t take me down the journalism path, I have used much of what I gained from the experience in my career and personal life.

I want to thank Mr. Quinn. When I was unsure of my journalism career path, he was the one who suggested I try the graphic arts path. During my second tour in a newsroom, I worked extremely hard so that he would be proud, and it was a wonderful experience. And, demonstrating the special touch that is characteristic of him, there was an inspirational note waiting for me when I arrived.

I am ever thankful for the Chips Quinn Scholars program and instructors and lessons. Lessons that I have used beyond journalism, like when you get to a new place walk around, get to know the area and the people who may become your greatest resource; try new things; don’t limit yourself. I could go on and on. The CQS experience stretched me to reach a greater place. I wanted to send a note of thanks.

Shanel Hicks is a partnership specialist with the U.S. Census Bureau in Kansas City, Mo.


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