2009 CAP Awards Announced

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The 2009 Chips Achievement Prizes (CAPs) were announced this week with six Chips Quinn Scholars from the 2009 Spring and Summer classes recognized for outstanding journalism enterprise.

“Again, our Scholars have shown the journalism world that age and experience have little, if anything, to do with excellence,” said Karen Catone, director of the Chips Quinn Scholars program.

Here are the 2009 CAP awards to Spring Scholars:

Outstanding community news writing

Jackee Coe, The Arizona Republic, for her story displayed on the local section front about police stepping up their surveillance of registered sex offenders.

Judges’ comments: “Jackee took what was initially a police news release and, through thorough reporting, turned it into an enterprise look at an ongoing community issue. Furthermore, she explored the story’s larger theme of constitutional rights of the offender, thus creating a more sophisticated, balancing-act story that explores the safety of community vs. the rights of the offender.”

Outstanding feature writing

Nicole Santa Cruz, The Bulletin, Bend, Ore., for her page 1 feature about a hearing-impaired 11-year-old girl selected for the lead role in a high school production of “Annie.”

Judges’ comments: “Nicole’s narrative storytelling – carried through to the very last line – makes for an affecting tale about a plucky, story-worthy character. Nicole’s writing style is accessible, natural. A lovely read.”

Honorable mention, enterprise

Lanz C. Banes, Times-Herald, Vallejo, Calif., for his dogged efforts to expand the use of multimedia, which included the production of an audio slide show of a woman’s love of and hike through a local preserve.

Judges’ comments: “Hurray for persistence. Hurray for a community newspaper entering the 21st century. Hurray for Lanz for taking the staff there.”

Here are the 2009 CAP awards to Summer Scholars:

Outstanding enterprise

Emma Carew, The Washington Post, for her business-section story about the workplace trend toward telecommuting, told from the viewpoint of the workers who are “virtual assistants.”

Judges’ comments: “Emma stuck with this story through a change of editors and requests to do more reporting and by fitting her reporting in between other assignments. Another plus: She used numerous sources, who keep the ideas fresh. In her submission essay, she alludes to the important personal and professional issues at stake. She triumphed without a lot of editor feedback along the way.”

Outstanding story-telling through page design

Carolyn Chin, The Denver Post, for her design and layout of a front page that included a centerpiece featuring a peach orchard that uses high-tech packing methods.

Judges’ comments: “Carolyn’s ‘peaches’ page is a wonderful example of how design is really a ‘story-telling medium,’ not just a way of placing stories and photos on a page. You can scan the page, without reading the story, and get a clear sense of what the whole story is.”

Outstanding photojournalism

April Gregory, St. Cloud (Minn.) Times, for her photograph of a kitten at a local animal shelter cradled in the hands of a shelter worker.

Judges’ comments: “April’s affecting tight shot of a kitten from an animal shelter held in a pair of human hands is an example of feature photojournalism at its strongest. Furthermore, her submission essay describes in beautiful terms how she saw the image as she set up her shot – how she saw the deeper meaning of kitten cradled in a human hand, as well as the composition of her photograph, including the lines of the hands in the foreground that play against the lines of the shelter cages in the background.”

The Chips Achievement Prizes were conceived more than 12 years ago by CQS program Co-founder John C. Quinn as a way to recognize outstanding journalism and newsroom performance on the part of young journalists who might otherwise not get the honors they deserve. CAP judges are Karen Catone, and CQS career coaches Colleen Fitzpatrick and Mary Ann Hogan. This year’s prizes are colorful umbrellas from the Newseum store – given in the hope that our Scholars are prepared to weather any squalls that may confront them in their lives and careers.


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