For Diversity Champion Wanda Lloyd, the Challenges Haven’t Changed

Longtime editor is looking for more diversity, a fresh business model and a new pipeline.

Remedy for Workplace Bullying Is Standing Up for People

Being different can make you the target of bullying or mobbing. Schoolchildren are being taught not to stand by and watch. What about us?

Looking for Parity: ‘The Year of the Woman’ Wears Thin

Washington editor sees signs that modest political gains can accelerate, but there is a long way to go.

Lack of Jenni Rivera Coverage Echoes Lessons from Selena, Aaliyah

Open eyes, ears and better use of social media can help the mainstream media close coverage gaps.

Autoworker’s Career Advice Still True After 40 Years

Follow your heart, not the headlines, when you decide how to spend your career.

Workplace Bullying a Trending Topic in News and Newsrooms

Journalists and lawmakers are paying more attention to such aggression, which has always been with us.

In the Right Situation, Thank-You Tweets Make Sense

They are immediate, show you can use Twitter and broadcast good things about you and the company.

Power Poses Can Help You Interview Better

Physical positions can reduce feelings of stress, increase sensations of power and willingness to take chances.

Never Failing Should Not Mean Never Trying

Concerned journalists can take a lesson from master marketer Seth Godin’s “appropriate risks.”

Don’t Settle for a Good Editor; Seek Newsrooms Full of Them

The best have great mobility and are most likely to be promoted or hired elsewhere.

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