When to Unveil References Is Ticklish

Don’t release the names of current employers until you’re close to getting an offer.

Ask the Recruiter: Is It Ethical to Reuse One’s Own Copy?

If not strictly plagiarism, recycling your work remains under a cloud, as several examples have shown recently.

Ask The Recruiter: What to Do When Asked About Salary?

Employers have an information advantage in salary negotiations, but the best long-term result means having new hires feel feel they were treated fairly.

Book on Phone Interviews: Advice Both Good and Bad

It takes as much time to prep for a phone interview as for an in-person interview, and the stakes can be just as high.

From Elections to Staffing, Newsrooms Discount Women

One survey says it boils down to respect and opportunity. Here are some strategies for improving.

Face, Nature of Unity ’12 Reflect Industry Shift

Media Showcase & Career Expo is smaller than in the past and smaller than NABJ’s. Sponsorships are more varied.

Unity Opens With Calls for Reconciliation

The absence of the National Association of Black Journalists looms large at Las Vegas convention.

Tiny Words Can Make a Big Difference in Job Interviews

Without our knowing it, words we use to connect big concepts in our interviews and emails could be saying a lot about us.

Exploit Job Mismatch to Discover Opportunities

A national shortage of workers in high-demand areas suggests a strategy for journalists who prepare themselves for the new landscape.

Now That You Have an Internship, Here’s What To Do

These three strategies will help to ensure that your internship can pay benefits for years to come.

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